Aisha Oscar

Photo by David Hannah

My name is Aisha Oscar. I am a Bunuba artist and I live in Junjuwa community, near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

I started painting Winyja when I was a young girl. The Winyja is a protective spirit responsible for creating the Winyiduwa country and law of my family. The Winyja looks after us, guides us and protects our family. The story of the Winyja was taught to me by my grandmother.


 In 2013 I started painted boab nuts at the Social Enterprise Studio at Marninwarntikura. When I paint boab nuts with all the women in the studio I feel really good. We sit down and talk out our stories and learn from each other. When I paint boab nuts I feel relaxed and happy.

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